Friday, August 14, 2009

Cerwin Vega 26 photos

I wrote about these on Wednesday. I'm amazed that Cerwin Vega produced these fabulous speakers, with such a capable tweeter, and went on to produce clunkers like the plastic horns in the HED series. I had a pair of HED-10s, 3 way systems with a dedicated midrange, and instruments and voices in the mids were not nearly as musical or satisfying as on these systems. If you need a speaker that will please you playing Rush and The John Coltrane Quartet, these could be the ones.

I don't know much about the provenance(I know, it's a speaker, not a Group of Seven oil painting!) of this pair. They have no grills, and one woofer has a protruding metal flange that the other doesn't, which suggests that one was replaced at some point. They are both very heavy cast frame monsters. The distinctive (not my aesthetic at all) pinkish/reddish surrounds are as supple as new, and these will run for years.

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